16 taka cashback on 11 taka recharge in bKash app

Instant cashback only if you develop 11 taka mobile recharge from the app in the month of victory. Any bKash customer will get 16 taka instant cashback if they develop 11 taka mobile recharge from their app or their loved one’s number. Any user who recharges their own or their loved one’s mobile number with 11 Taka from the bKash App, will get 16 Taka instant cashback

If you have no Bkash App? Don’t Worry. Just Download it. How can Download the Bkash App, just you can go google Playster and searching Bkash App and after that Download it. You Recharge 11tk by Bkash App gets Instant Cashback 16tk.

Offer period: From 1st December until further notice.

Details of the offer: Any customer who recharges 11 taka mobile from the bKash app will get 18 taka instant cashback.

Offer Limit: One will get cashback only once during the offer.

Transaction Channel: Need to develop mobile recharge from the app.

Terms of offer :

  • In order to get the offer, you have to transact the prescribed amount at once using certain services.
  • Cashback will be available through successful transactions from bKash account.
  • In order to get cashback, the customer’s account status and incoming transactions must be active.
  • If cashback delivery fails due to any unknown/unexpected reason other than the issue of the customer’s account status, bKash will attempt to distribute cashback 1 time within 7 working days after the end of the campaign. If all else fails, no more attempts will be made and the customer will no longer be considered for a cashback offer.
  • BKash reserves the right to reduce/extend the campaign period in any way without prior notice or to change/amend the Terms and Conditions or to cancel the entire campaign at any time. In case of misuse of the cashback facility, bKash reserves the right to cancel the cashback payout of the customer.
  • The customer will be notified via SMS if the cashback delivery is completed successfully.

Finally, we hope that you have successfully Understood the 16 taka cashback on 11 taka recharge in bKash app full Content. Do you have any questions about Bkash 16TK Cashback Offer, just Comment us? We solve your problem as soon as. Thanks for staying with us.


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