Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule

Chittagong Train Schedule, Time Table, Ticket Price, online booking and more information here! Welcome to Chittagong Train Schedule. This post helps you Chittagong Train Details.  Chittagong has Subarna Express, Mahanagar Godhuli, Paharika, Mahanagar Provati, Udayn Express, Meghna Express, Tuna Express. Are you interest Journey by Train, Dear Friend just online Ticket and Journey by Train anywhere?

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Chittagong Train

Khulna Intercity Train Schedule:

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
৭০১ Subarna Express Friday Chittagong ০৭:০০ Dhaka ১২:১০
৭০৩ Mahanagar Godhuli Chittagong ১৫:০০ Dhaka ২১:১০
৭১৯ Paharika Monday Chittagong ০৯:০০ Sylhet ১৭:৫০
৭২১ Mahanagar Provati Sunday Chittagong ১২:৩০ Dhaka ১৯:০০
৭২৩ Udayn Express Sunday Chittagong ২১:৪৫ Sylhet ০৬:২০
৭২৯ Meghna Express Chittagong ১৭:১৫ Cadpur ২১:৪০
৭৪১ Tuna Express Chittagong ২৩:০০ Dhaka ০৫:২৫
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