GP Bank Asia “Loan Diye Phone” Offer

GP Bank Asia “Loan Diye Phone” Offer! Grameenphone in partnership with Bank Asia has introduced 4G device financing scheme ‘Loan Diye Phone’ to which customers will be able to buy 4G handsets with affordable prices. The Bank Asia will be provided the Loan which the Customer Repay in 9 months. It is a big opportunity for all of the Customer who this person buys this smartphone. This will help Grameenphone to reach out to its customers with smartphones at affordable prices and enable customers to experience the power of Grameenphone’s superior 4G network and services. This pilot project will run in the selected 5 GPCs around the country for 3 months.

If you are GP Connection customer and you want to buy this smartphone ‘Loan Diye Phone’ Offer, dear Friend we provide all details about this Offer. Just you continue reading the full content and get the full idea about ‘Loan Diye Phone’ Offer smartphone.

GP Bank Asia “Loan Diye Phone” Offer

GP Bank Asia “Loan Diye Phone” Offer Details

  • Only the preselected subscribers will get designated SMS to come to GPC for “Loan Diye Phone”/Device Financing. Pre-approved customers will get the SMS by GP for the offer.
  • The target customer base is non-smartphone users.
  • This Particular POC would be based on GP Co-branded handset WE T1. The current MRP is BDT 4444.
  • The eligible customer will pay BDT 1000 down payment to GPC & the rest amount +( …% interest in the rest amount) will be paid to Bank Asia agent banking in GPC and outside GPC or any Bank Asia Branch.
  • The eligible person has to open a Bank account with Bank Asia prior to getting the device finance from Bank Asia. Bank Asia Agents will help in this regard.
  • GPC agent will check the SMS of the customer. GPC Agent will confirm the subscriber’s eligibility based on the ‘eligible customer excel sheet’.
  • The project/campaign will run for 3 months based on the requirement. If the allocated devices are finished before the time period, the campaign will be closed.
  • GPC agent will validate the NID number (including biometric fingerprint checking) carried by the customer to authenticate the eligible customer. Only MSISDN owner will get the financing facility, no user on behalf of owner will get this financing from Bank Asia.
  • Completing banking formalities, customers need to pay BDT 1000 as down payment to GPC Counter.
  • GPC agent will send the approved customer to the agent of Bank Asia inside GPC for banking formalities- account opening and loan processing etc.
  • GPC agent will provide the required device to the eligible customer (With Bank Provided approval token) along with the money receipt.
  • For POC, we have agreed to select 5 GPCs in 5 Circles to run this Campaign. These are:
    1. Mirpur GPC
    2. Agrabad GPC
    3. Rajshahi GPC
    4. Sylhet GPC
    5. Khulna GPC
  • For Device Financing with Bank Asia, loan guarantor is not required. Nominee details is required (not nominee signature) for account opening but nominee is not mandatory to come physically.
  • Customer will get the Bundle offer (existing with the WE T1 device) till the stock end.
  • No additional amount is required to open the bank account.
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