Robi New SIM Offer 2021

Today we share with you Robi New SIM Offer 2021! Robi is the Biggest Telecom Operator in Bangladesh. A large number of peoples are using the Robi SIM Card. So, Every time Robi Operator Provide a very Chip Rate Internet Package and SMS Offer for their Customer. So, that is the time Robi Operator Provides their New SIM Offer – 12GB internet Free. Who the Robi Connection Customer wants to buy Robi New SIM Card, they can get 12GB Free Internet.

If you want to buy Robi New SIM Offer 2021? Just Reading the full Content and Collect details of this Phone Offer. Just Reading the full Content and Collect details

Robi Special New SIM Offer

Now get 1GB free data till 12 months from activation, totally FREE! With Robi, you will get the BEST New SIM Offers, always!

Activation Bonus:

Customers will get 1GB of free data instantly upon activation!

Follow-Up Bonus

Customers will also get 1GB free for the next 11 months every 30 days, upon minimum 50tk usage.

Robi Special New SIM Offer Details:

  • From the 31st day of activation; New subscribers will be eligible to get 1 GB free data if he/ she has any local usage of minimum BDT 50 (Incl. Govt. levy) in previous /last 30 days.
  • New subscribers will get the aforementioned 1GB free data 11 times upon meeting the above-mentioned usage condition.
  • If the customer does not have a minimum of 50tk usage in 30 days, he will not get this free 1GB in that month.
  • New subscribers can get this offer till 12 months from activation.
  • The validity of 1GB of free data is 7 days.
  • This offer is applicable for new subscribers only starting from 1 December 2020.

BDT 42 recharge offer

At Tk.42 First Time Recharge Customers will get

  • Tk.34 Main account balance
  • 2 GB internet with 7 days validity
  • 8 any net minutes with 7 days validity
  • 48 paisa/minute call rate for 30 days to any number

Other Attractive internet and bundle benefits

Internet Offer    – 24 GB over 12 months (1GB 4G at 23Tk with 7 days validity; max once in 15 days)
More internet    – 250 MB Facebook data with 30 days validity only at Tk. 9 recharge unlimited times for 12 months
Special Rate Offer    On BDT 42 first time recharge subscribers will get:
– 48p/minute any net – valid for 30 days
Special Rate    – Default Tariff Rate: Flat 23.33 paisa/10sec
50paisa/minute call rate to any local number at Tk.29 recharge for 3 months (unlimited times)
Special Bundle    – At Tk59-90 any net minutes with 10 days validity

Customers are eligible to purchase 1 GB 4G Internet @ Tk. 23 up to 24 times.

  • Medium of Purchase: Easy Load Recharge.
  • Validity: 7 days (including day of receiving).
  • Internet Usage Time: 24 hours.
  • Query Code: *3#
  • Limit: once in 15 days for 12 months.
  • Repeat Uptake:
    – 1 GB internet pack purchase is restricted within 15 days from the date of purchase.
    – Any recharge of Tk. 23 within the 15-day period will be treated as a normal Main Account Balance and no 1 GB internet pack will be disbursed.
  • Special Call Rate: For subscribers who recharge BDT 42 as their First-time recharge, subscribers will get the below call rate for 30 days
    – 48p/min (Robi-Any local operator) – valid for 30 days

Activation Bonus:

  • Tk.5 balance in the main account.
    – Validity: 15 days.

General Conditions:

  • Migration-in to this new package is NOT allowed.
  • Migration-out from this new package is allowed. On migrating out to other Robi packages, the customer will carry the existing data pack (if any).
  • Balance Check Codes:
Main Account Balance *1#
Own Mobile Number *2#
Bundle Minutes *222*2#
Internet/Bonus Internet *3#
  • Validity will be considered including the day of recharge
  • All prices are inclusive of 15% VAT, 15% SD & 1% SC.

Do you have any questions about this Robi New Year Offer 2021? Please feel free to ask any questions about the offer here. We will try to solve the Answer as soon as possible. Thank you.


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